Our qualified engineers can design, supply, install, test and maintain all your fire safety equipment. Including:


All work is carried out to the appropriate British Standards. We are BAFE certified for the design, installation and maintenance of fire alarm systems and we hold an ISO 9001 Quality Management certificate.

Maintenance contracts are available if you would like us to service and maintain your fire safety equipment on a regular basis and out of hours on call facilities are available for customers with maintenance contracts. On call services may require a monitoring contract with a third-party monitoring station which Red Fires Safety Services Ltd can arrange on your behalf if required.


Red Fire Safety Services Ltd can design, install, commission and maintain both hard wired and wireless fire detection systems ranging from conventional systems to bespoke analogue addressable systems.​

Our engineers are trained to FIA standards and we hold a BAFE certification for fire alarm services. All work is carried out to the following British Standards:

  • BS 5839-1 Fire alarm systems design, installation, commissioning and maintenance for buildings

  • BS 5839-6 Fire alarm systems design, installation, commissioning and maintenance for dwellings 

Fire alarm systems should be serviced bi-annually, however, the system should be tested on a weekly or at least monthly basis.  Red Fire Safety Services Ltd can carry out the bi-annual service and in addition the weekly or monthly testing of your system if required.


Fire Doors are recognised by the Government as a vital element of a buildings passive fire protection. It is critical that all fire doors are of good quality, have fire rated hinges and are fitted with intumescent seals designed to expand in heat and seal the door. All fire doors should be fitted by qualified engineers and be inspected on a regular basis.

​We can supply, install, replace and maintain wooden or composite fire doors which meet British Standard 476 Part 22 1987 for fire resistance. All fire doors maintained by us come with a certificate confirming that the fire door has been maintained in accordance with BS476.​

Our National Association of  Fire Door Inspectors (NAFDI) certified Engineers provide a fire door inspection service that includes a detailed maintenance inspection report of your Fire and Exit doors highlighting any defects found and recommended rectification advice where appropriate.


Red Fire Safety Services Ltd can supply, install, service, replace and repair all types and sizes of fire extinguishers. We can also supply, install and replace fire blankets.

Our fire extinguisher installation and maintenance work is carried out by FIA qualified engineers to British Standard 5306.  Maintenance certificates are issued upon successful completion of maintenance. 

We can carry out annual fire extinguisher servicing on a "Purchase Order" basis as required or under a simple contract which gives us the responsibility to keep your fire safety equipment compliant and takes the worry from you.

Red Fire Safety Services Ltd also offer a hire service providing fire extinguishers, fire blankets and fire point trolleys for short term use at events, building sites, building refurbishments etc. Our fire point trolleys are designed to provide the equipment required for temporary fire points and can be linked together to provide fire alarm activation alerts across a complete site.




Emergency lighting is part of the fire safety provision of a building and cannot be ignored. Red Fire Safety Services Ltd can design, supply, install and maintain emergency lighting systems to BS5266 standards. Upon completion of installation an NIC EIC certificate is issued. Upon successful completion of maintenance and testing Red Fire Safety Services will issue a certificate of maintenance

Emergency lighting must be serviced and tested at least once a year and this must incorporate a 3 hour test discharge of all lights. In addition to the annual testing monthly flick tests must be carried out. This testing can be carried out by the ‘Responsible Person’ or by Red Fire Safety Services engineers as an additional service.


Red Fire Safety Services Ltd can design, install, service and maintain both mains fed sprinkler systems and pump/tank sprinkler systems to BS9251:2014 standards:

Servicing and maintenance of sprinkler systems is critical to ensuring that the sprinkler system works as designed in the event of a fire. Additionally, regular servicing is required by a qualified engineer to maintain certification of conformity for the sprinkler system.

​The type of servicing and maintenance required depends on the type of system installed but a typical service includes pressure and flow of water checks, linked alarm testing, control valves, switches and associated equipment checks, sprinkler heads and pipework inspections. On successful completion of a service the fire sprinkler system will be re-certified as compliant.


The installation of dry risers to provide fire water mains to firefighters is an essential element of the fire protection system in large and complex buildings. It is essential that dry riser systems are correctly installed, carefully maintained and tested on a regular basis to ensure they are ready for use when required.

Red Fire Safety Services Ltd can design, install, service, maintain and test dry risers.  We offer a maintenance service as well as annual dry riser servicing and testing services which comply with the new code of practice for non-automatic fire fighting systems in buildings BS9990:2015.

Following successful completion of the dry riser servicing and testing we will provide a test certificate stating that the dry riser system has been tested, is completely safe and fully functioning.