Red Fire Safety Services Ltd can design, install, service and maintain the following fire sprinklers systems to BS9251:2014 standards:

  • Mains fed sprinkler systems

  • Pump and tank sprinkler systems, used where the main water supply is not suitable


Servicing and maintenance of sprinkler systems is critical to ensuring that the sprinkler system works as designed in the event of a fire. Additionally, regular servicing is required by a qualified engineer to maintain certification of conformity for the sprinkler system.

The type of servicing and maintenance required depends on the type of system installed but a typical service includes the following:

  • Pressure and flow of water checks

  • Linked alarm testing

  • Control valves, switches and associated equipment checks

  • Sprinkler heads and pipework inspections


On successful completion of a service the fire sprinkler system will be re-certified as compliant.