Regulations specify that all premises should have an emergency evacuation plan for use in the event of a fire and that the plan should be tested as part of a fire drill at least every 6 months.  This drill should:

  • Simulate one or more of the escape routes from the building being obstructed

  • No advance warning of the drill should be given to staff other than specific staff for safety purposes

  • The fire alarm should be operated on instructions of management


Please Remember, Do not call the Fire Service as part of a drill, as it is an offence.


We can work with you and your staff to define evacuation procedures and document an evacuation plan appropriate for your premises.

We can help you plan and manage your fire drills by:

  • Attending your site to supervise your fire drills

  • Reviewing your evacuation plan

  • Instructing your fire wardens/marshals on their duties

  • Providing a log book to record and document your fire drills

  • Providing a de-brief following your drill

  • Documenting the drill including details of defects, observations or recommendations

Click here to view an example fire evacuation document