The installation of dry risers to provide fire water mains to firefighters is an essential element of the fire protection system in large and complex buildings.  A dry riser is a normally empty pipe that can be externally connected to a pressurised water source. It is designed to distribute water to multiple levels of a building or structure where it would be difficult to provide water directly to firefighters from a fire appliance.


Please Remember, Building Regulations: Approved Document B (Fire Safety) requires that any building more than 18m high, measured from the fire brigade access level to the top floor, or which has floors more than 10m below ground must be provided with ‘firefighting shafts’ and a firefighting rising main.


It is essential that dry riser systems are correctly installed, carefully maintained and tested on a regular basis to ensure they are ready for use when required.


Red Fire Safety Services Ltd can design, install, service, maintain and test dry risers.  We offer a maintenance service as well as annual dry riser servicing and testing services which comply with the new code of practice for non-automatic fire fighting systems in buildings BS9990:2015.


Following successful completion of the dry riser servicing and testing we will provide a test certificate stating that the dry riser system has been tested, is completely safe and fully functioning.