Red Fire Safety Services Ltd can supply fire safety related products to cover all your needs. Our product range includes the supply of standard fire safety products as well as bespoke products produced by Red Fire Safety Service Ltd. Our bespoke products include:

Fire Safety Trolleys

Our fire point trolleys can be purchased or hired and are designed to provide the equipment required for temporary fire points and can be linked together to provide fire alarm activation alerts across a complete site.  They are ideal for use at events, fairs, building sites, building refurbishments etc and contain the following: 














Fire Safety Training Manuals

Our Fire Safety Training Manuals contain the information you and your staff require to prevent or deal with a fire. Our manuals can include your company logo and details on the front cover if required.

Fire Safety Testing & Maintenance Log Book

Our Fire Safety and Maintenance Log Book is designed to assist you to meet the main requirements for demonstrating compliance with current fire safety regulations.  The book contains tables which allow you to record the fire related test, maintenance and training activities carried out at your premises.

Our Bespoke Fire Trolley's
  • Appropriate fire extinguishers

  • Fire blanket

  • First aid kit

  • Spill kit

  • Eye rinse kit

  • Fire alarm call point with howler

  • Radio links

  • Smoke detectors

  • Call points

  • Appropriate fire signage

  • Fire action notice